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Textile Designer & Artist


Felicia Hansen

Professional teddy bear killer

Felicia Hansen is a textile designer and artist with a passion for sustainable approaches within the field of textile design. She has a soft spot for colour, texture, and atypical materials and for the last two years, she has been defining the core of her textile practice. In most of her current work, she dismantles discarded stuffed animals to create sustainable art and atypical interior designs. 

Felicia has a five-year design education from The Swedish School of Textiles, where she first specialised in weaving in her bachelor's degree, before moving to a more textile general practice circulating repurposing post-consumer waste from the toy industry. She is currently based in Borås, Sweden, but hopes to relocate soon. 

Felicia offers a variety of textile services, please contact her if you want to do a collaboration. 


  • Adobe CC: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Bridge.

  • Blender

  • Cinema 4D

  • Clo3D

  • Microsoft Office

  • Staubli, Scotweave, Weavepoint

  • Weaving: Domestic & Industrial

  • Knitting: Domestic & Industrial

  • Printing: Dyeing, Screen-, Digital- & Transfer print

  • Tufting

  • Sewing & embroidery

  • Pattern construction


2020-2022 MFA, Textile design. The Swedish School of Textiles, Borås.

2017-2020 BFA, Textile design. The Swedish School of Textiles. Borås.


2021 (Summer)          Kristine Mandsberg, Copenhagen, DK.

2019 (Sep-Nov)          Sophie Cochevelou, East-London, UK. 


2022    Looking forward, Dutch design week, Eindhoven, NL

2022    Teddy Orbs, Staden som Galleri Galej, Borås, SE 

2022    Looking forward, The Textile Museum, Borås, SE

2022    Teddy Orbs, Way Out West, Gothenburg, SE

2022    Looking forward, Milan design week, Milan, IT

2021    Material Meetings, Form & Design center Malmø, Malmø, SE

2021    Material Meetings, The Textile Museum, Borås, SE

2020    EXI(S)T, Dutch design week, Virtual

2020    Textile Matter, Stockholm furniture fair, Stockholm, SE

2019    The Gently Explosive Art of Yarn Bombing, St. Pancras gallery, UK

2018    Knits, The Textile Museum, Borås, SE

2017    Pattern & form, Textile gallery, The Swedish School of Textiles, SE

2015    Unikadesign af overskudsmaterialer, The library of Aarhus, DK






2022      The Global Design Graduate show

Teddy Vessels [also known as our former best friends] was shortlisted for the Global Design Graduate show 2022 in the category Fine art, Photography and Craft.


2022       Lagerhaus Student price

Motivering: ”Vårt pris går till en student vars verk uttrycker glädje och lekfullhet och samtidigt bidrar till en hållbarare värld. Den ifrågasätter det vi lämnar efter oss, men undersöker hur man med god design kan använda befintligt material för att skapa nya produkter. Vi vill ge vårt pris och en jättestor teddybjörnskram till Felicia Hansen för exjobbet ”TEDDY VESSELS”


Justification: “Our prize goes to a student whose work expresses joy and playfulness and at the same time contributes to a more sustainable world. It questions what we leave behind, but examines how, with good design, existing materials can be used to create new products. We want to give our prize and a huge teddy bear hug to Felicia Hansen for the ex-job “TEDDY VESSELS”

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Do not hesitate to reach out for more information or an extended portfolio!

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