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Southern Sweden Design Days exhibition at St. Gertrud Galleri, 2023


Exhibition text:

Saving the planet one teddy at a time

Felicia Hansen calls herself a "Professional teddy bear killer". She takes soft and fluffy stuffed animals that have ended up as trash, deconstructs them and creates new objects and forms. The exhibition Where is your teddy? is organised by Konsthantverkscentrum in collaboration with Konstfrämjandet Skåne.

Can a cuddly toy be used for more than just providing a sense of security? With the exhibition Where is your teddy? Felicia Hansen wants to create an internal dissonance in the viewer, by placing familiar forms in a new, unexpected context.

A collection of vases made from stuffed animals and recycled objects, Teddy Vessels, is joined by a chair you can't sit on and a lamp with questionable functionality. In an interactive part of the exhibition, visitors are encouraged to feel and touch Teddy Orbs in different sizes to create a connection to the objects through touch. The works are thought-provoking and invite visitors to reconnect with an old forgotten friend, the cuddly toy.

All the soft toys used in this exhibition are post-consumer waste from the toy industry.

Courtesy of Felicia Hansen, Professional teddy bear killer.

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